Swarms & Unwanted Honey Bees

Honey bees swarm as a method of increasing the number of colonies. The queen of an existing colony leaves the colony with a high proportion of the bees in that colony. Scout bees will look for a suitable new home, and then the swarm will arrive and move in. Small holes into voids of about 40 litres or so are preferred. There are many of these available locally, in old buildings, chimneys, trees etc etc.

If you are looking for someone to come and take away a swarm of bees or remove unwanted bees from a property, some of our members are prepared to help. It is likely that Beekeepers will make a charge to visit, typically £30, but this will vary depending on the location and other factors. See the map below:

Location on Map Name Telephone
A Gwyndaf Roberts 07765054761
B Matt Hyland 07905323581
C Alan Roberts 07702712097
D Robert Davies 07766337707
E Keith Bunning 07725047206
F Mark Rowlands 07947456625
G Steffan Garrod 07791205235


Map of Swarm Collectors 2024

As an alternative you can contact the Secretary - secretary.llebka@gmail.com or call 07419 823408